Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Here's how it's goin down.

I just talked with my boss at caribou, and I will be starting full time work after May 20th. The significance lies in that I will no longer be going to school... ever! Well, maybe not forever but not in the foreseeable future, either. He he. I am excited because now I can devote my time to the things I really am passionate about (following my dreams, jill.) I am a bit nervous; however, the excitement cancels out any doubt I may have. If all goes as planned I should be on my own by autumn.

Sigh giggle tear smile

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A bit of a sun shower
Well as you can see I am back on g'ol' blogger again.
"Why?" you ask
No real reason, I guess except the fact that I said I was going to post about my time in Australia and I haven't really done that yet, and I am starting to feel like it never really happened. So for my benefit and I guess for yours as well, here it goes.

Story time with mike #1
For the last month in masters, my roommate Pete and I were assigned to mow a ladies lawn once every two weeks. Not a hard assignment by any stretch of the master's imagination, but as you find nothing is that easy.

obstacle 1 - Find a mower (oh, and the first day you need to mow the lawn is today... oh, and you must be back in time to go on the weakly grociery shopping trip in 6hrs... oh, and the lady lives in one of the farthest suburbs from where you are... oh, and don't cheese this lady she has been hurt by religion and we are the only church who is willing to help her)
Ok find a mower.
"Not a prob," my rural Minnesota mind is thinking.
"Wait you live in the middle of a city and haven't seen a mower in 10 months."
"Hmmm, well aren't the citycare rehabilitation workers learning how to fix things, lets just get a mower from them, I think they have a couple, maybe one works?"
"Um, no."
"Ok well is there anyone in her suburb from the church?"
"Yes, but they aren't home..."
Hour later- solution: drive 20 min North grab a mower from our good friend and fellow college student, Scottish Malcolm. Sounds good except that we need to be at the ladies house in an hour and she lives an hour and a half South.
So we get the mower which looks like it was made in 1929 and load it into the vehicle which I think was also made in 1929. Amazingly, after making a polite phone call, we arrived twenty minutes late. Finding (understatement) a very nice lady with a yippy dog we get to work.
As thankful as we were for the mower, it was louder than Andrew, Aaron and Dad trying to tell a story to eachother, so we put rolled up paper towel in our ears.
We also had to go over the lawn a few times cause it didn't always cut the grass. Needless to say the girls found another car and went shopping without us because all the stores close at like 5pm, whatever. So me and hungry Pete pay for over priced food downtown.

obstacle 2 - There and back again.
Remember how I was saying that our car is from 1929; well, it is not to far gone. Nevertheless, we made it to our destination no problem, but as it would happen, Pete locks the keys in the car or so he thinks. No problem we have gotten in before, and so we go along with our work. A couple hours later Pete finds the keys in his pocket, yeay. We get into the car, but the key snaps inside the lock. A few hours later we give up and get a ride to the train station for a two hr ride home. Week # two we pay dearly for our food.

obstacle 3 - The new mower.
After the first week we contacted the family that lives near the lady and we thankfully borrowed their mower. Being used to the old mower this one looks like lobster stuffed with tacos.
The first week we used it, it quit on us at the end. This is the same week we broke the key, so we weren't able to do much besides feel really bad about possibly ruining the families mower. Over the following week we got duplicate keys (another little adventure) and returned the mower which we found out was really a chronic problem with this mower and not our fault. Well the next time we were there No kidding, the mower stops working. This is the last time for a month that anyone will be over to help this lady because we will be at Hillsong the next week and furthermore I will never be coming back because I will be going home. I wasn't having any of this. If we could get the mower to start (every tenth pull) it would go five feet and stop. I was determined to get this done cause this was the only witness the lady got and she had it hard, so I wasn't leaving till it was done, but at this rate it wouldn't be done till next Tuesday. I prayed and God heard. I would stop praying a little and the engine would start to die down so I would pick up and the mower would do the same. I was not leaving until it was done. sure enough after the last strip of grass was cut the engine died. Needless to say I wasn't quite thinking about food that week.