Monday, December 26, 2005

Wow! How time flies.
This month has been pretty much everything I thaught it would be. Finalls went fine, I think. Ooh, I am going to check if grades are posted. One sec...
See I can do that now because I got a computer. Oh Happy Day.
well, they aren't all in yet, but so far so goood.

I am all registered for next semester. Early days again, but that makes room for Caribou at night, ho-yeah! I am simply loving the new job. We are going to open a day earlier on the 30th.

Christmas was great, tho it was a bit hectic. As usual we traveled around and saw the family; however, this year we had an extra service, which I didn't mind because He kinda is the reason for the season, but it did make for a really full couple of days. First a nice evening with the father's side of the family and then back home to "sleep". We ended up waking up at 6:30 to open presents. Even when we were young I think the avarage start time was 7. Oh well, after stifling the nosiation of having a late night and early morning the presents prooved to be truely inspired. We all agreed that this years gift giving was the best ever. Not that it was extravegant, but that it was thoughtful. My favorite was the complete season of the 90's X-men cartoon searies. Sweet As! I am almost through the first two disks.

Now it is time to relax. I have a couple days now when I am free from all obligation. -sigh-

Here are some random chrisy pics