Tuesday, November 14, 2006

6 months (also posted on myspace)

In the last six months my life has changed.
And you say, “but mike, you new your life was changing. In fact you initiated the process, you even posted about your expectations”
True, I had an outline of where I saw myself going, but my expected place of arrival revealed itself to be nothing like I had envisioned.
Six months ago I was in college, living at home, and faithfully waiting on God. Today, I am working full time, renting my home, and thankfully, still perusing God’s heart. In blunt phrases that is exactly what I had planned; however, almost all the details have changed. I am not living where I thought I was going to be living. I am not working were I thought I was going to be working. And my walk with God has been nothing like I thought it would be. Initially, change is hard, but in the end it’s not my will but His be done.
This week I start volunteering at the church wednesdays and fridays. Through this process, I have had to give up my claim on the church. It was My church, my own. (small giggle followed by broken tear) My kingdom must bow down; my own selfish desires must return to the selfless ambition of advancing his renown. God has asked us to give him everything, and I am inclined to believe he knows best.
So, there is my current standing in life. Hopefully, my next update wont be so long in coming.
Love you all
P.S. nothing against my current living situation or standing in life, it just isn’t what I had expected. Thank you to those who have helped me over the last six months to be where I am today